Thursday, September 29, 2016

For those interested in subscribing to our class Blog, you can register in the Follow by Email section to the right. I think and hope you'll get email updates when something new is posted. Thanks to Audrey R. for bringing this feature to my attention.

This is also my first pass at creating and maintaining a Blog, so if you have suggestions of ways to enhance or make it more meaningful please share them with me. The audience is you, the parents. Therefore, I want to craft it to suit what you are looking for and find most valuable.

The class is off to the river tomorrow to collect non-living and living matter that will be used in the creation of the classroom river model.

Thank you to Scarlett, Jackie, Buzz, Bryon, and Kim for volunteering to help chaperone the class as they meander the fields of SculptureFest next Tuesday.

Although Picture Day was today, we will have a retake day in the coming months. Don't panic if it slipped off your radar screen.

Next week we'll send home subtraction cards that students can work on in order to gain mastery and automaticity of their facts (small number computation problems).

Working on building reading stamina
Reading up to 30 minutes now 
Morning Meeting with Ms. Gauvin

Students working on their 3-D Tinkercad designs
A first "draft" 3-D  printed model and the accompanying house it's based on 

Music class is spent working on recorder skills

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