Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year!

We hope all families were able to find times of relaxation and rejuvenation over the December break. Fortunately, the weather provided ample amounts of snow so children could get outside and enjoy traditional winter activities...unlike the past several winters.

Today we began a class wide mini-unit on reading a special kind of informational book--biographies. Students were partnered with another student and given an opportunity to choose a book to read together from a collection of biographies from the Who Was...? book series. The class will cycle through several biographies as they dig into the structure of this type of book.

In math we're looking at division and its relationship to multiplication. Students are interpreting word problems to determine the operation (multiplication or division) necessary to solve it. They then apply either a combining strategy (multiplication) or break apart strategy (division) to solve and represent the problem.

Looking for arrays around the school to build conceptual multiplication understanding

The class is continuing work on their informational books. Topics include surfing, ice skating, chameleons, horseback riding, and homeschooling.

As always, please check in with your child to see if there is a need for any school supplies. I provided large erasers and pencils to each student shortly before break, but things of that nature are always in high demand. A personal pencil sharpener is also good for kids to have on hand.

The class is enjoying the many different play opportunities offered by the snow on the playground. With the arrival of rain and cold temperatures things may change dramatically on the playground. Below are pictures of what students were up to upon our return from break.


Prior to vacation each grade decorated their doorway in recognition of a seasonal winter holiday. Third grade was assigned Boxing Day. We also created and decorated scented ornaments to give as gifts. Finally, the class participated in yankee style book swap and spent some time reading the newly acquired novels.

Creating shapes from cookie cutters
Adding color to our ornaments

Reading new books at the tuffet lounge
An excited reader

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